Before you book online

Always check prices with Hotel’s own booking system and then compare to online reservation portals. Some hotels have special offers available to bookings made through their own official online reservations system only.

Book direct with the hotel and pay less or get a free service.

Naxos Filoxenia Hotel

Book direct with Naxos Filoxenia and save up to 40%

In Galini

Majo Suites Hotel

Book direct with the hotel and save at least 10%

Suites Hotel with private pool

Apollon Hotel

Book direct with Apollon Hotel and save up to 10%

In Naxos Town, a few metres to the port

Villa Ocean Blue

Book direct with the hotel and save at least 10%

A few steps to the beach

Xenia Hotel

Book direct with Xenia Hotel and get your breakfast for free

In Naxos Town, 10 metres to Seafront

Villa Bella Vista

Book direct with the villa and save up to 15%

At Glinado, 5 Km from Naxos Town

Blue Sky Hotel

Book direct with Blue Sky Hotel and Save

At saint George Beach in Naxos Town