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The rich history of Naxos is embodied in a huge number of attractions, including ancient temples, Venetian fortress, Byzantine churches and chapels and many museums that tell visitors about the most interesting historical and cultural features of the island.

Naxos Town

Portara at Palatia islet, port of Naxos. Theologaki church and Monastery of Agios Hryssostomos, with splendit view to Naxos Town from both. Panagia Myrtidiotissa, on an islet at the port off the quay. Panagia Pantanassa church at seafront. The Venetian Castle at Naxos Old Town. The Arcaeology Museum at Naxos Old Town. The old market around the Venetian Castle.

Halki area

Agios Stephanos church (Tsikalario area of Halki). Panagia (Virgin) Protothronos church, Barotsi - Frangopoulou - Gratsia tower. Saint George Diassoritis Church. Panagia Rahidiotissa church. Agioi Apostoloi church at Metohi district of Halki. Agios Ioannis Theologos church at Kerami district of Halki.

Sagri & Galanado

Belonia Tower. Monastery of Holly Cross. Kaloritsa Virgin (or Spiliotissa Virgin). Agios Artemios church. Paleologos Tower. Agios Nikolaos church.

Apeiranthos Village

The Archaeological Museum. The Natural History Museum. The Museum of Fine Arts. The Geological Museum

On the road to Apollon via Galini Eggares

Tle Olive Press Museum. Monastery of Faneromeni Virgin. Agia Tower. Kouros statue of Apollon.

Melanes area

Kalamitsia palace in Kalamitsia district of Potamia. Kouros of Melanes (Flerio area). Agios Artemios church. Fragopoulou - Delarokka tower.

Potamia area

Agios Mamas church. Apano Kastro.

Moni area

Drossiani Virgin church.

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