Pyrgaki Beach in Naxos

Pyrgaki & Agiassos

Pyrgaki (picture on the left) is a succession of three sandy coves where the last one is the best one. It is a quite and pleasant place, protected from north winds, with one hotel, a few rooms, studios & apartments and a couple of taverns. There are no loungers and parasols to rent. It can be reached from the main road to Kastraki - Alyko.

Agiassos is the last south west beach can be reached by car. It is a long sand with shallow waters. It is more developed compared to Pyrgaki and it can be reached from Pyrgaki following the signpost -dirt road. Alternatively it can be reached via Sagri Village. There is one hotel, quite a few rooms, studios, apartments and a mini-market. There are no loungers and sun umbrellas to rent.

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Pyrgaki: quite and sandy place with beautiful crystal clear sea
Agiassos: Long sand, very quite place to get away from it all. Taverns, mini markets.
No loungers and parasols to rent.

At a glance

  • Pyrgaki: Three coves with sand
  • Pyrgaki: 21 Km to Naxos Town
  • Pyrgaki: Hotel, rooms, studios & apartments
  • Pyrgaki: A couple of taverns
  • Pyrgaki: Bus schedules to Naxos Town
  • Agiassos: Long sand with shallow waters
  • Agiassos: Hotel, studios, rooms, apartments
  • Agiassos: Couple of taverns and mini markets
  • Agiassos: 24Km to Naxos Town (via Pyrgaki) or 23 Km via Sangri
  • Agiassos: Nearest village: Sangri (11 Km)

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  • Pyrgaki Naxos Naxos
  • Agiassos Bay in Naxos