In Halki Village

Halki & Filoti Villages

FilotiFiloti is a nice village, 19 kilometres from Naxos Town and it is settled well up on the flank of Zas mountain and it is surrounded by olive groves. There are quite a few cafes and taverns, many of them been shaded by a massive (over 100 years old) plane tree.

Panagia Filotitissa (in Filoti) with the white marble icon screen is worth a visit. The Bank Notes Museum (Filoti main road) is a collection of Greek coins and banknotes (early 1800 - today).

Halki or Tragea (16 Km from Naxos Town) once administrative centre, is a beautiful village with long history. It is situated in the middle of an olive grove with towers built by Byzantines and Venetians.

Protothronos Virgin church in Halki with fine frescoes from Early Christian, middle Byzantine and late Byzantine periods is worth a visit. Saint George Diasorites is a brilliant 11th century church with marvelous architecture and frescoes. Damniotissa Virgin, west of town of Kaloxylos in the area, has exceptional architecture and frescoes. Panagia Drossiani on the road Halki to Moni village (close to Moni village), a remarkable Byzantine church, is considered to be one of the oldest in Greece.

Barotsi - Frangopoulou - Gratsia tower has three floors and was built the 17th century by the Venetian family Barotsi.

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Beautiful villages surrounded by olive groves in the heart of Naxos. Byzantine churches, towers and excellent walks in Tragea valley.

At a glance

  • Halki: 15 Km to Naxos Town
  • Filoti: 19 Km to Naxos Town
  • Regular bus service
  • Bank: in Foloti
  • Taverns & cafes in both villages
  • Mini-markets & Supermarket in both villages
  • Nearest villages to Halki: Filoti, Potamia, Moni
  • Nearest villages to Filoti: Halki, Apeiranthos, Damarionas

  • Filoti
  • Saint George Diassoritis in Tragea Valley
  • In Halki Village