Koronos Village on Naxos Island

Koronos Village

Koronos is 34 kilometres away from Naxos Town and it is one of the most beautiful and lesser known villages of Naxos Island. It is a stepped village, scrabbling up two opposite mountain sides and it is renowned for its emery mines. Its pretty houses retain intact the traditional architecture and are divided seven neighbourhoods. The central square is called "Platsa" and it the meeting point of the locals. Agia Marina (St. Marina) is the main church in Koronos village. The older of the two aisles, built before 1200 AD was dedicated to Agios Ioannis (St. John) and the later one, dating to the 16th century, to Agia Marina. The church features a marble iconostatis and it was renovated in 1747. On Agia Marina Day, on July 17, church icons are paraded around the village after mass and a big feast follows, lasting until the early morning hours of the following day.

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Emery (a very hard mineral with important industrial use) is found in abundance on the slopes of Koronos surrounded mountains and the village economy was depending of the emery mining.

The village can be approached from three different junctions off the main road. The most common is the one where the bus stop is. The locals are very friendly and the visitor is always welcome and easy blend with them.

Beautiful and one of the most picturesque villages on the island. Renowned for its emery mines in the past, today attracts day trippers for its beauty. Dining or having lunch in Koronos, is recommended.

At a glance

  • 34 Km to Naxos Town
  • Regular bus service
  • A few taverns and a couple of cafes
  • Accommodation: a few studios
  • A couple of groceries and one bakery
  • Nearest villages: Skado, Mesi, Keramoti, Apeiranthos

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