Potamia Naxos

Potamia & Melanes Villages

Potamia is a group of three very nice villages (Ano Potamia, Mesi Potamia and Kato Potamia). They are located in a lush green valley that offers relaxation in a beautiful surrounding. In Potamia area, the church of Agios Mamas, patron Saint of the shepherds since the 9th century is worth a visit. It is believed that Agios Mamas church was an Orthodox Cathedral and in 1207 was converted to a Catholic church. Between Potamia and Tragea is the Upper Castle. Ancient cemeteries, palaces and churches indicate that this rock was used throughout the ages.

Melanes is also a nice village and it is very close the the Flerio quarry where lies the huge Kouros statue since 7th century BC. Close to Melanes is Kalamitsia area where the so-named Tower Palace (17th century AD) is located. It was a resort of the Jesuit monks.

Picturesque villages close to Naxos Town. Potamia is in a verdant valley with ravine streams and it is ideal for walks.
Kouros statue in Flerio (Melanes area) is worth a visit.

At a glance

  • Potamia: 9 Km to Naxos Town
  • Melanes: 7 Km to Naxos Town
  • Regular bus service to Melanes
  • Taverns in Potamia & Melanes
  • Nearest villages to Potamia: Melanes, Halki
  • Nearest villages to Melanes: Agios Theleleos, Melanes, Potamia

Carma Naxos Rent a Car

  • In Ano Potamia
  • Walking in Potamia area
  • Walking in Potamia area
  • Kouros in Melanes (Flerio)